Tool to Upload and download file inventories to and from the ArchivesSpace API. We use it at UAlbany for file-level description and describing born-digital materials.

ArchivesSpace Python Library

A Python library for working with the ArchivesSpace API. Superseded by community-led ArchivesSnake project.

ArchivesSpace to ArcLight and Hyrax

Scripts to export collections from ArchivesSpace and index them in ArcLight. Also updates ArchivesSpace description for items uploaded in the Hyrax UI.

ArchivesSpace Migration

UAlbany’s ArchivesSpace migration docs and scripts.

ArchivesSpace/Archive-It Example Workshop

This is a working example of how to automate description of Web Archives in ArchivesSpace using the API and the Archive-It and Internet Archive CDX Servers. For ASpace Skill Share. Superseded by describingWebArchives.

Processing Scripts for Born-Digital Photos

Scripts used to automate extraction of 180,000 photos from disk images and make static pages for display.

Describing Web Archives

Experimental tool for automating description for Web Archives in ArchivesSpace according to archival principles using the Archive-It CDX and Partner Data APIs.

Python, wx, Pyinstaller

EADMachine was an easy EAD creation and editing tool. It’s a Python .exe that reads and writes complete EAD files from spreadsheets. Depricated after ASpace migration.

Espy Metadata Creation Tool
Ruby on Rails

Workflow application for linking different types of records and creating metadata for the Espy Project.

Ingest Processing Workflow
Python, Bash

Ingest and Processing Workflow scripts for born-digital accessions and digitized derivatives.

Link Ranking Repo
Python, D3Plus, Spark

Link Ranking Project repository for Archives Unleashed 4.0 Web Archives Datathon.

SIP and AIP Classes

The UAlbany Archives’s classes for creating Submission Information Packages (SIPs) and Archival Information Packages (AIPs).

Example Scripts for Learning Python

Basic sample scripts to get some results with Python. For use with “Python for Archivists”.

Researching NY 2016 Scripts
Python, D3Plus

Example scripts for using computational tools like NLP for historical research. For November 2016 presentation